What is Abbina?

Our Name

Abbina (abbinare). Italian. To combine (with); to link (with); to match (with); to go (with).

At its root, the purpose of Abbina Craft Sipping Soda is to provide a non-alcoholic beverage that is designed specifically to be paired with premium cigars.

We chose the name Abbina because it comes from the Italian word “abbinare,” which means “to pair,” or “to match.” It’s an action verb - and we hope you enjoy the experience of pairing our soda with a cigar, your favorite foods, or mixed into a special cocktail. While our sodas are spectacular on their own, the real magic happens when you find the perfect pairing.

Our Sodas

We call our sodas “craft sipping soda.” We produce it in small batches, based on a meticulously crafted formula that I created over many months, supported by a professional flavorist lab with decades of experience.

Like the experience of enjoying a fine scotch or bourbon with a cigar, Abbina sodas were crafted with slow sipping in mind. The flavors are delicious, of course, but they’re also complex. As you sip them, you’ll discover new elements and flavors - because the soda, your cigar, and your palette are all evolving throughout the experience.


Our Logo

Our logo’s icon is a stylized tobacco flower. Tobacco flowers are bright, tubular, 5-point blossoms that emerge at the top of the tall plants.

It’s rare, though, to see a flower on a tobacco field. The buds are picked off at key moments in the growth cycle, in order to promote more lush, thick leaf growth, obviously leading to a higher yield of the precious, smokable leaves.

As a lover of perfumery, though, I am a fan of flowers. Tobacco flowers have a beautiful scent, similar to jasmine. Like our soda that is crafted to reveal flavors that you otherwise would not find in your cigars, we decided to honor a sort of secret part of the tobacco plant - it’s flower - often hidden from consumers of tobacco products.
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