Charlie albanetti

Abbina Craft Sipping Soda was born out of a burning passion for cigars and a deep love of flavor.

Bored with the many commercially available soda brands that taste so similar to each other, our founder Charlie Albanetti took matters into his own hands. Setting up a makeshift lab on his own dining room table in Albany, NY, he began experimenting with flavor concepts and formulas.

A cigar lover himself, Charlie aimed to create a variety of delicious sodas that complement, not compete with, the flavor profile of premium cigars. This respectful approach to the balance in flavor between cigar and soda is the heart of our brand, and gives purpose to our flavor excursions.

Born out of a burning
passion for cigars

A foodie at heart, Charlie became a perfumery enthusiast a few years ago when an illness prevented him from enjoying new and different foods for quite some time. Diving deep into all of his hobbies, he began learning about the art of perfumes - creation, formulation, and chemistry. This experience gave him the skills necessary to bring Abbina Soda to life and function as the creative director behind the flavors. He worked with a professional flavorist lab to formalize and scale the formulas and flavor concepts that he created at home.

As you experience Abbina Sodas, you’ll notice nods to Charlie’s culinary and perfumery roots: the use of natural saffron oil, oakmoss absolute, benzaldehyde, coffee extract and a variety of essential oils.

You’ll never be bored with Abbina Soda’s sophisticated, ever-evolving flavor. Derived from a masterful blend of natural and synthetic ingredients, our premium beverages are guaranteed to intrigue your tastebuds.

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